Monday, January 11, 2010

101 things you can do with snow.........

Yep that's a pic of our backyard - Bet you can't find our back steps anywhere in this pic...

Despite my teaser of a title, I am NOT actually planning on boring you with a list of 101 things to actually do with snow - after all....that would take effort (and well - it's Monday)


However I will bore you with our local snow details
And when I say snow, I don't mean your average winter several inch pile up........NOPE....I am talking about the kind of snow the Weather Channel refers to when talking of "persistent snowbands" The kind of snow that you have to trek through that comes up to your lower thigh. Snow that when plowed off to the side of the road, blocks your line of sight when you go to turn. Snow that has literally been falling non-stop with only a few breaks for us to catch up.
We are probably at about 2 1/2 ft by now - seriously...and it's still falling.

Fucking Lake effect snow!


So a brief update on things around The Barnhouse abode:

I am mostly healed up from the last surgery - just dealing with an immune system that is in the pooper. The infectious disease doc says that after everything I have been will take several months for me to rebuild my immunity. In the meantime, I just have to be careful about who I am around (gotta watch my runny nose nephews, etc)

Jim and I are mostly in a holding pattern right now as far as any major plans. Gotta work on paying off some medical bills and such. The adoption stuff is on the back burner until further notice - I figure we both need some time to regroup after last year.

Work has been consistent for both Jim and I - I am eternally grateful for that. I have watched and heard about so many friends losing their jobs this last year. I will say that it does put things in perspective when you have a bad work day.

We are continuing to sell on Ebay quite successfully and that has been a real lifesaver too.
PLUG to follow.........> Ebay seller - Scubaheb936y <...........look us up!

I have continued to practice my crocheting skills and have actually picked up a few new tricks to add to my meager arsenal. Mostly I have had fun figuring out how to execute the objects I want to make. Makes for a lot of pulling out stitches but then every object becomes a TRUE ORIGINAL "sushi design"

Kind of makes you want one .......right?????
( Okay....I just like to think that)

Not much else to share and to be honest, I am just too freakin' cold to sit at the computer! ............................




mekate said...

Zoey is SO BIG! ohmygosh. That crazy now in a larger size!

Lovely to hear you always, here, in my comments and in the newly posted Haiku.

Thinking of you and so happy you are healing (praise the gods/goddess/all-that-is).


Anonymous said...

WOW that's A LOT OF SNOW!! Dallas would be shut down for days with amount of snow.

I'm glad you're back and I'm praying you. I always do! And as always, thanks for the hugs & love! =)