Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th is D-Day for me!!!!

D-Day.....hmmmmmm - what could that POSSIBLY mean?

If you guessed "DRAIN DAY" - you win a million dollars!!! (well maybe not a million because honestly I think I only have a few dollars in my monkey purse right now) But you would be correct in your guess. You can pat yourself on the back. If you have been following my medical saga, you know that I have had an abdominal drain in for well over a month now. Well today was the day that blasted thing FINALLY got removed!

Wanna see? You know you do!!
I figure posting a pic of my post-drain-removal, scarred up belly is my way of saying "THANK YOU BELLY" for hanging in there with me:

Can I get a HALLELUJAH and an AMEN? Thank you.

The actual removal process of said drain was amazingly underwhelming to say the least. I guess I had built up this expectation that after having this darned thing in for a month, that it would be a bit painful and difficult to remove......I was wrong. It took all of two seconds to take the stinking thing out. It was not painful - I would describe it as uncomfortable at worst. I actually laughed after the doc finished removing it because I was expecting her to be pulling and pulling for awhile. Here it was all of about 2 inches of tubing inside me so one good tug and it was out.
Now I just have to figure out a safe and non-abrasive way of getting all the tape adhesive off my skin - there is a butt-load of it. I did share my G.LAD Press N Seal tip with the doc who absolutely loved the idea and said she would pass it on!


In other news: If you check out my sidebar, you will see a new pic/badge:
The Creme de la Creme 2009 award
This is a "best of list" that Mel from Stirrup Queens does every year -

In Mel's words, "...... Awards are nice–it’s good to honour someone and mark big accomplishments. But we all have a best post tucked into our archives. We all have words that have moved another person or ideas that have kicked off a series of musings. Bloggers are writers and all of us deserve to be celebrated. And we’re doing just that."

In a nutshell, this is a list of posts that are submitted by bloggers in the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) community to "recognize" what each blogger considers to be one of their "best or most moving" posts for the last year.

Since my blog was incredibly new at the time, I chose not to participate last year. However, this year has crept by quickly and it now time to celebrate again. I chose and submitted my post this afternoon. The official list will go up starting Jan 1st - I cannot wait.


I am going to ask a BIG favor of you all: While we are chatting about favorite posts.........If you have been reading/following my blog for quite some time, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you could leave me a comment on which post was "the most memorable" to YOU. It could be a post that struck a cord in you, or one that had you cracking up - which ever was most memorable! I know which post I picked to submit for Creme de la Creme but I would bet that there are other "favorite" posts everyone else has!



The fur babies are good although both have developed QUITE the catnip habit.....I am starting to worry that I am becoming an enabler. Check out the eyes on Zoey in this pic:

That's all she wrote folks!! Thanks for tuning in on this fair Friday the 13th!!



mekate said...

NO drain whoo hoooo your wonderful perfect poor abused belly!
I am so happy for your news, what a relief!

sending love and a gentle hug. A whole month of that plastic in there? you'll heal up quickly I think.
And your stoned cat? yeah, see, I think it is also addictive to see what they do on the "mint" so, I am guilty of being a bigtime enabler too.


mekate said...

one more thing
adhesive will come off with any oil, baby oil, olive, canola, just put some on a cotton ball or q tip and gently rub the area, it will come off. Promise.

Anonymous said...

YAY FOR NO MORE DRAIN!! I'm praying for smooth sailing from here on out!

LOL - And you are so wrong for getting Zoe so loaded! ;)

Anonymous said...

this is my first time reading your blog and it's hilarious--glad you keep your sense of humor in tact-cute cats!